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Tan Sri Dato Ahmad Kamarulzaman


Furniture is an essential part of a home’s interior design, and the type you have in your home can make or break your design effort. We understand this at NicChris. This is why we strive to provide not just premium pieces of furniture but to provide our clients with the best fit possible. Here is just another example of how we succeed time and time again at accomplishing this.

About the Collection

The collection features furniture pieces provided to Ahmad Badaruddin, [enter country name] ex-chief of Navy. Each piece of furniture displayed here was specially handpicked to fit the home’s architectural design and the client’s personal taste. Every piece of furniture was selected to fit the home's overall design, from the dining sets to the sofa, coffee tables, side tables, benches,  and lounges. The result is what you see above.

Key Pieces of Furniture in the Collection

Though every piece of furniture here is a gem in its own right, 3 items in the collection stand out the most.

The Coffee Tables

Every good living room needs a great coffee table. There’s just something about having a table at the centre of the room that adds extra spice to it. Make the coffee table an exquisite work of art and it can very easily steal the spotlight. The coffee tables here are a perfect example.

The glass-top coffee table from our Dora collection is the most noticeable of these tables. Featuring a simple box design with a glossy finish, this coffee table matches the building’s overall design perfectly, with the dark brown colour complementing both the home's flooring and paintwork.

The elegant design of this table isn’t what really steals the show, though, but the coffee table’s hidden compartment. This is where the coffee table’s glass top steals the show. Featuring a sliding panel, the glass top of this table can be moved aside to reveal the hidden compartment. This compartment can hold everything from books to photo albums to even small gadgets. For the home of an ex-chief of Navy though, this is a perfect spot to hold the many medals earned by the client over the years. Imagine having the bulk of all the trophies and awards you have earned over the years displayed in your living room. This is exactly what this coffee table offers.

The glass-top coffee table isn’t the only coffee table that steals the show here, though. The elegant NICO Coffee Table is also a real show-stopper here. Simple, elegant, and minimalistic, this low-lying table makes a perfect centre table, especially considering the custom-made couches and lounges surrounding it. The beauty of this coffee table isn’t just in its singular design (which is stunning), but in how perfectly it blends with the overall theme of the room.

Elegant Dining Set

Dinning sets are one of the most vital pieces of furniture in any home. Being the one place in the home that brings family, friends, and visitors together, every home needs a dining set that is not just presentable but also homely. And above all else, one that fits the home’s interior design. This is exactly what we provided the client.

The dining set in this collection was custom-made and designed specifically to fit both the home’s interior design and the other furniture in the home. The hardwood dining set is made from the same material as the brown coffee table and features the same beautiful dark brown color and glossy finish. The chair’s peach-colored cushions also complement the home’s off-white paintwork.

If there is one thing that sets this dining set aside though, it has to be the chairs. Featuring a design that merges elegant curves with those sharp edges that speak of efficiency and simplicity, these are chairs that are both simple and complex, all at once. The bareback design is also another feature that sets this design on another level. Despite the apparent lack of back support though, the slight curve on the back of these chairs aligns perfectly with the spine, providing maximum support and comfort to anyone who sits on it.

The Sofa

Sofas are one of the most important pieces of furniture and as such should be one of the best pieces in the home. The sofas in this collection do not disappoint.

The collection features two sets of custom-made sofas, both of which are as different as they are complementary.

The first is a peach-colored set of three couches all featuring a simple yet elegant design. The peach color of the couches complements everything else in the room, perfectly blending in with the background and complementing the brown coffee table and floor just right. Its plushy design and abundant cushions make for an even more stunning appearance, giving off the feeling of comfort and warmth even before you get to sit on it.

The second set of sofas here couldn’t be more different. Featuring a more commanding design, the sofas here have a much darker color that stands in contrast with the background making them stand out. The set features two couches and two lounges with the lounges being the head of the design, a perfect setting for a household with two heads. The two exotic lamps on the side tables here only further accentuate this effect.

Key Takeaway

Despite the beauty of the individual pieces of furniture in this collection, the overall success of this interior design doesn’t rely on just one of them. What makes this design truly work is the synergy between each individual piece of furniture and the building’s overall design. From the sofas and lounges in this collection to the coffee tables and side tables, the dining set, and even the overall interior design, everything merges perfectly and complements one another. This synergy and harmony are what make this design work.

Are you looking to create synergy in your building’s interior design? Getting furniture sets that complement one another is how to go about it. We can provide you with such furniture. For more information, visit online furniture shop or nicchris.furniture creative Instagram story ideas for inspiration.