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Datuk Kamarudin Meranun

Datuk Kamarudin Meranun

Tune Group CEO and AirAsia Chairman, Kamarudin bin Meranun, required furniture for his stunning Nadayu Melawati mansion. Designed by Studio Three Designs, the house itself was a stunning piece of architectural genius. Such a building deserved the very best furniture. That is exactly what we provided.

Today, we would be sharing with you design inspirations from the home of AirAsia Chairman and Tune Group CEO, Kanarudin bin Meranun, and sharing with you a few interior design tips you could employ in your home as well!

What Makes this Design Work?

The building is a lesson in interior design genius. Featuring many design concepts that set this building on a whole new level, below are a few key elements that make this design stand out.

The Minimalist Approach

Minimalist designs have become the trend in the interior design business today. Taking a quick look at the building, it is so easy to know why. The building’s interior maximizes space and makes the entire design look cleaner by making do with only those things that matter.

The minimalist approach also comes with an extra benefit. By doing away with those things that have no use in the building’s overall design, you ensure that there is no “noise” in the background. This way, there are no distractions in the design, and the most important elements get all the spotlight they need.

The Exquisite Furniture

The furniture of any building is like jewels on a beautiful woman. Of course, the jewels don’t make them beautiful, but they most definitely complement and even accentuate that beauty. Every single piece of furniture in this building does exactly that.

The elegance of these pieces of furniture is probably the biggest factor that makes them the perfect fit for this home. All minimalistic in their own right, these pieces of furniture stand out not because of any overly lavish designs or extravagant, but because of their simple elegance that borders on perfection.

This simple elegance can be observed in everything from the simple Mandarin Rack and its exquisitely polished woodwork to the simple yet stunning 4’ NOOI Rattan Sideboard and even the elegant tinted gold coffee table. Then there are the lounges, dining sets, sofas, bed frames, side tables, and every other piece of furniture in the building, all of which are so beautiful in their simplicity, they steal the spotlight every time.

While the beauty of these individual pieces of furniture is commendable, how perfectly they complement each other truly takes this building to a whole other level in terms of interior design.

The Color Scheme

The importance of color is never lost on any designer worth their salt. It wasn’t lost on the designers here, either. The use of colors in the interiors of this building puts the final finishing touches into this design and brings out the full extent of this design’s beauty.

The colors used in this design to make up a stunning color scheme that fits perfectly with the building’s minimalist design. Featuring cool tones in the background, the off-white color does a great job of making the overall design look clean and cool while putting all other elements in the room on display. This is perfectly complemented by the brown curtains and rugs, which add personality to the entire design.

To best maximize the effect of this color scheme, pieces of furniture were chosen to fit perfectly into this design. The design features racks and cabinets with a darker brown or black coloration, the perfect choice for an off-white background with brown curtains. To add a bit more personality to the design without deviating from the color scheme, the sofas, stools, tables, and chairs used all featured colors that complemented either the off-white background or the brown shelf perfectly. This harmony of colors is what holds the interior design elements together.

Key Takeaways

Do you find the overall design of this home beautiful? Here are 3 interior design tips you could implement in your home today.

Think Color Matching

Colors should never be an afterthought in your interior design. It sure wasn’t in the design of this absolute beauty of a building. From the color of the paint to the curtains to the furniture in your home to even the home decor, every single one should complement the other perfectly.

Add a Little Personality to it

To make the best of your home’s interior design, there is a need to add some personality to it. This definitely did quite a bit to set the home of AirAsia Chairman, Kanarudin bin Meranun on a whole different level.

Furniture is a great way to do this as they have a bit of personality to them. The kind of furniture you have in your home tells a bit about you and this adds a lot of personality to the home.

Bland pieces of furniture make the homes feel boring and dull, but elegant furniture adds a certain class to the design that just can’t be replaced. Exotic designs add a certain spice to the design and minimalist-type furniture gives the home a clean and efficient look. One of the best things to do is to have a mix of several styles to produce a truly personalized feel unique to your home.

Add a Little Spice to Tie Things Up

To have a beautiful interior design, all a home needs is great architecture, beautiful paintwork, and the right furniture to finish things up. To get something truly stunning though, the design needs a little extra spice. This could come in a variety of ways.

In the home of AirAsia Chairman, Kanarudin bin Meranun, it comes in the form of the extras; the beautiful canvas, framed to the walls, the elegant coffee tables, the extra pillows on the sofas, and many other simple elements that complete these interior designs. These simple elements put the finishing touches on any design. They are what complete the design.


The stunning interior design of the home of Tune Group CEO and AirAsia Chairman, Kanarudin bin Meranun is a masterpiece made possible by ingenious architecture, masterful use of space and colors, and exquisite pieces of furniture and home decor. Making use of these basic principles can turn your home into such a masterpiece too.

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