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Datuk Jimmy Choo

Prof Datuk Jimmy Choo, OBE

Getting a home properly furnished requires more than simply getting some furniture. It requires choosing the right piece of furniture for the right family. There are many things to consider here, from style to utility and everything in between.

The home of a co-founder of Jimmy Choo Ltd, Datuk Jimmy Choo, designed by IDr Ooi Boon Seong from Ooi design and associates (OD&A), is a lesson on what it means to have pieces of furniture that fit your home just fine. And you guessed it; we helped provide those pieces of furniture!

More than just fancy furniture

One look at this home, and you're immediately hit with a feeling of serene beauty. In many ways, this home furniture adds to that beauty. But they do this not by simply being fancy pieces of furniture – although they are – but by their uniqueness and, most importantly, how they complement one another. This compatibility is what elevates the home's design into something truly marvellous.

Seamless design harmony

A tour of the home tells a deeper story about what makes this home stand out – harmony in design elements and furniture. And this adds some unexpected magic to the design.

Take the tables in this home, for example. From the stunning dining table with its marble-like appearance and gold base of the kitchen counter and the several other countertops in the house, the coffee tables and side tables, and even the study table, all of these pieces of furniture share that marble and gold theme. This design harmony makes the home's overall design look coherent and dignified, a change from the outside world's chaos.

But what good is design harmony if the individual parts of the design themselves are nothing to write home about? This is where the beauty of our pieces of furniture comes in.

The furniture

Easily the most eye-catching part of the entire design, each piece of furniture was handpicked to fit the home's overall design. From the painting work of the architectural design of the building, a lot was considered before choosing each piece of furniture here.

The dining table

Among this home's many magnificent pieces of furniture, the dining table stands out as one of the most spectacular, but it does so simply and seamlessly. Featuring a luxurious marble finish for the table top and that unique base with its elegant curves and golden finish, this uniquely crafted minimalist dining would steal the spotlight in any home.

At the home of co-founder Datuk Jimmy Choo, however, this dining becomes even more of a stunning sight.

This dining is seamlessly assimilated into the home's integral designs, featuring a tabletop finish that perfectly complements the cool shades of the home's grey, white, and ash paintworks. This is further emphasized by the gold of the base, completing the room's artworks, lamps, and even the floor. This simple design choice elevates this dining from simply being a beautiful piece of furniture to practically becoming one with the architecture.

The chairs

Here is one of those proofs you need: pieces of furniture don't need to be exuberant to be beautiful. Every sofa, lounge, and chair provided to the client here is simple and minimalistic, which doesn't take away from their beauty. Instead, this simple design tells the story of the home's overall design; elegant, classy, and efficient, just like the homeowner.

The home features a variety of lounges, sofas, and simple armchairs, each chosen for comfort and simplicity of design. Most notable is the large sofa that takes centre stage in the living room and stands in contrast with the cool ash and grey tones with its rich blue hue. Plush and sturdy and featuring an abundance of throw pillows for maximum comfort, here is a sofa that screams comfort.

Then there are the unique dining chairs chosen here, and boy, are they as unconventional as unconventional gets. Unlike most other homes, the dining chairs here feature a sofa on one side of the table and a set of lounges on the other, the perfect twist to traditional dining designs. An unconventional choice? Sure. But boy, did it turn out beautifully.

Other pieces of furniture

A dining table and some chairs aren't the only pieces of furniture provided to the client here; the client's home is peppered with several of them. Along with the dining table and the lounges and sofas came several stools, coffee tables, side tables, cabinets, racks, and so on, each of which is a beauty in its own right. There are many stools and coffee tables found around the house, all of which feature the same stunning marble design of the dining table, the study table that features a similar design, and that cabinet teal and black design that stands out yet still fits perfectly into the overall theme of the design.

The secret behind it all

You are furnishing a home as perfect as this takes more than just getting beautiful pieces of furniture. You'd need to ensure that each piece of furniture you get matches ideally with the building's design and architecture and the other parts of furniture in the home.

The best way to do this is to get custom furniture to fit your home, just like this client did. You can also buy bulk furniture to ensure you can achieve that design harmony.

Get in touch

We can help you with both of these options. Browse our shop to see our collection of furniture for the bedroom, living room, dining, and library, or get in touch with us to have custom ones made for you.