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Clarise, a contemporary sofa, showcases a clean and modern design with straight lines and geometric shapes. Its sleek and minimalistic appearance emphasizes simplicity and functionality, making it an ideal addition to modern living spaces. The angular frame of Clarise contributes to its distinctive box-like silhouette, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal. Crafted with precision, this sofa seamlessly integrates into contemporary interiors, offering both style and practicality. With a focus on clean lines and geometric elements, Clarise embodies the essence of modern design, creating a sophisticated and inviting seating option for any space.

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Armchair, Sofa,Coffee TableSide TableTv CabinetConsole Table,Dining Chair,Dining Table,Barstool



  •  (W) 2400mm
  • Powder Coated Leg
  • Nicchris Selected Synthetic Leather Or Fabric
MYR 6,800.00